About Amy

I’m a policy researcher by day, adjunct professor by night, and world traveler/culture explorer/international food eater whenever I can!

As a policy researcher, I focus on the delinquency & collaborative court systems in CA. I've conducted extensive research on juvenile issues, including runaway behavior, substance abuse, and prostitution in adolescents. My passion is policy research on social justice issues, particularly women’s & children’s rights and human trafficking.

I’m also an adjunct professor & a political activist. I teach graduate-level forensic psychology courses. In addition, I'm an elected district delegate to the California Democratic Party and am active in the San Francisco women's community, serving on boards and advocating for good policies related to women's issues.

Originally from Philadelphia, I’ve lived in France & Mexico City and enjoy traveling around the world to learn how culture affects women’s & children’s human rights. I hold a Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology & a certificate in Organizational Development. Ultimately, I hope to start a social justice policy research center and travel the world to analyze & disseminate evidence to support or debunk policies. In the meantime, I plug away at making my own community better and finding time to explore and eat great food. In my free time, I research cupcake baking (and by research, I of course mean experiment with recipe concoctions and bake and eat lots of cupcakes).

I'm also a newlywed, married to an amazing partner who has an equal passion for exploration! :-)





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